Wazifa For Business Problems

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Wazifa For Business Problems

Wazifa For Business Problems or for barkat in business can be called dua to attract customers. Get answer about which surah recite to get success in business from our Muslim expert.

Which Wazifa Use For Business Problems?

We all know a person puts their years of effort and money to run his business successfully. A businessman also gets less time to spend with his family because he is too busy to achieve success in his business. Businessman often faces profit and loss in their business, and it is not a serious problem.

But many times, a person continually faces challenges in achieving profit from his business. Many business people often fall in depression due to such consecutive losses. For such a hardworking businessman, there is a wazifa for business problems.

For this, make sure that you are pure both by your mind and your body. Select a beautiful place in your house where no one can disturb you. The dua is” Wallahu Khaair Ur Raziqeen.” Recite this for 313 times.

Wazifa For Business Problems

Wazifa For Business Problems

You have to also recite the Surah Al Fatiha three times in the beginning and at the end of this dua. Perform the procedure daily for 21 days and at the same time. After 21 days, you will observe that your troubles are becoming less, and your business is achieving stability.

Which Wazifa Use For Barkat In Business?

Do you want to know how you can increase your profit margin in the business? There is a wazifa for barkat in business that you have to follow with full devotion to for getting barkat in your business.

It is essential for a business person that business runs on ethics and hard work. But sometimes it happens that no matter how hard we try to run our business, we do not receive the same output. For succeeding in your business, you have followed the below mention procedure with a real heart.

For this, you have to maintain purity and make sure you perform this wazifa after Namaaz E Juma. If you are a man, you can perform this dua at the mosque while females can perform in their home. Make sure that you do not get up in between of Salah.

The dua is

“Subah Allahi Wabee Ham Dehee Subhaan Azeem Astagfirullah.”

You have to rice this dua for 53 times and remember to recite any verse of the Durood Shareef before and after this dua for one time. Perform the procedure regularly for seven days for complete success.

Do you know the fact that even our most admirable Prophet Mohammad Sal Allahu Alaw wa Sallam was also a businessman? He has taught many Quranic dua for achieving success in business and also to run a particular business from its root level.

There are many dua and procedures are available in the Quran, and even with the Molvi Saab, one can also visit them. In case you do not witness positive results in performing the wazifa by yourself. They can guide you with your shortcomings regarding the procedure.

Which Dua Use To Attract Customers?

Dua To Attract Customers, Every person who runs a business often wants that his potential customer is always excited to him. It is indeed a useful factor for the successful running of a business. Many times you have often seen a group of similar product selling shops. A particular shop is always loaded with customers while the other shopkeepers sit empty-handed.

It is based on your luck and the efforts you put into your business to please and satisfy your customers. If you feel that you are the best and yet you cannot attract customers towards you, use dua to attract customers. 

Such dua has helped many business people to attract their customers and are now running a successful business. Make sure that you work hard to achieve your goals with full dedication along with receiving benefits from such dua.

For this, you have to make a fresh ablution and recite

“Allah Humma Kaama Santa Wajhi Anis Sujudi Bigairika Fasun Waji Aneel Maas Alati Bighairik,”

for 100 times. Make sure to recite the Durood Shareef as much as you can before and after this dua. You can recite this dua at any time of the day and as many days until you see positive results. You can also visit an Islamic astrologer who for guidance regarding the location of your shop and the problems you face in your business.

Some problems a businessman often faces are due to the wrong placement of his stuff. Astrologers are experienced and know Vastukala to achieve the best from any business. Following all the above procedures, you will gain complete success in attracting customers towards you and live a successful life.

FAQ About Wazifa For Business Problems

Which Surah Recite To Get Success In Business?

Everyone wants to succeed in his business and earn an unlimited amount of money. But some times it happens that you work hard day and night but never receive the results you wish. You may also wonder why it is the same type of business success for others but not for you. In such success, you need to know which surah recite to get success in business. It is never wrong to take a helping hand from Allah to come out of such problems. Owning and running a business is not an easy task; the whole venture depends on your luck and hard work. A good businessman is responsible for his own life as well as the lives of various people attached to him. For this, you have to take a fresh ablution and perform your wuzu. You have to start by chanting Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem for 11 times. Now begin with reciting the Durood Shareef for three times. After this recite, Ash Hadu al lailla haiillah allhuwah daholaaashaeekala ash hadu anna muh Ramadans allahaua layhi waa li heea bduhoowara sool uhooallah hummanee. And As aluka min faz likarizqanh alaant ayyibanva a o od ubika min an az lima aw uz lamawa a od ubika min an afqatinkhassiratinwayameeninkaad ibatin, for 33 times. Make sure to end the procedure by reciting the Durood Shareef again for three times. After this, close your eyes and personally pray to Allah for help and show the correct path to success. Blow the dua on the cash counter of your shop. Perform the same procedure daily for seven days; you will surely visit success after a few days.

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