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Wazifa For Alcoholic Husband

Wazifa For Alcoholic Husband or for husband to stop drinking alcohol is a type of dua to get rid of drinking. Use dua for someone to leave drinking alcohol.

Which Wazifa Use For Alcoholic Husband?

From ancient ages, people believe that Satan always tries to drag ourselves out from the path of Allah and the Holy Quran. He possesses us with deadly ideas and vengeance so that we degrade from Allah’s eye. It is unfortunate that, sometimes, he succeeds. People, under his influence, does or behaves like him. That, indeed kills his humanity from inside.

People sometimes do something self-destructive. Anger, frustration, vengeance, and addiction to drugs & alcohol are very common of these. Among these, alcohol addiction is the most dangerous because it brings anger and abuse with it.

Wazifa For Alcoholic Husband

Wazifa For Alcoholic Husband

People usually addicts to alcohol due to frustration and sometimes get addicted after “just trying once.” But later, it acts like a curse.

Many people became bankrupt due to this addiction. It is a kind of attraction that people do not hesitate even to mortgage their property, and ornaments only to get enough money for alcohol.

If your husband is that much addicted, then your life must be in a mess. To get rid of the situation, you should try the Islamic wazifa to control him

Firstly, perform ablution and wear clean clothes. Recite Ashtagfar 7 times. Then recite Durood-e-Pak for seven times. After that recite Dua- E- Isme Illahi. Following this, recite Bismillahi’r Rahmani’r Rahim. Repeat the whole process three times.

After doing this, you will see a certain change in your husband’s behavior. The attraction towards alcohol will start to cast away, and all your problems will be solved, Insha’Allah.

Which Wazifa Use For Husband To Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Wazifa For Husband To Stop Drinking Alcohol, Consumption of alcohol does not only kills your conscience, but it also harmful to your body. Excessive consumption of alcohol affects your liver and kidney. It can bring diseases like cirrhosis and kidney failure.

In maximum cases, the man of the house is found to be the earning member in the family. If he falls sick due to excessive consumption of alcohol, it affects the financial condition of the family.

The wife then has to work externally to earn money to run the family. In addition to that, she has to do the household work as well. This just increases the burden on her shoulder and leads her to early aging and physical problems. Therefore, try to avoid it completely.

If you are a woman and your husband is an alcoholic, then you must be facing a serious problem. To avoid this, you can try the following wazifa. It certainly will help you.

Firstly make ablution and wear clean clothes. Then recite Auzubillahi minash Shayatanir rajim Bismillahir arhmaanir raheem 3times after that recite astaghfar for seven times. Then recite Zikrullahi La Il’lallah Muham”madur Rasulallah Salalla Hu alaihi wasalam for seven times.

After that, whisper the dua as followed Ya Allah ya Shafi, YA Allah YA Mumeetu. Don’t forget to recite the dua Ism’e illahi for 3,7,11 or more times at the end. Hopefully, you will get the result you desire.

Which Dua Use To Get Rid of Drinking?

Dua To Get Rid of Drinking, Alcohol is such an evil thing which does not leave you until you are destroyed totally. There are many cases where a family destroyed because of alcohol. It perfectly kills your physical strength and leads your mental peace to destruction.

Living with a drunkard is the worst nightmare for any woman. An alcoholic husband often loses his temper and abuse his wife physically and tortures mentally. The wife, after doing all the household work all day, gets beaten. It simply destroys the foundation of a happy family.

Many people got suspended for drinking on duty. Many goes bankrupt and has to close his business due to the addition of alcohol. If a major part of earning goes to buy alcohol, it is evident that there will be a financial crisis in the family. It can also increases recklessness. As a result, it can take your life. We see many cases of fatal accidents caused by drink & drive.

Therefore, for our good, we should try to leave alcohol. But this is very difficult. This addiction does not go easily. If you cannot get rid of this after several tries, you can use this due.

Oh, Allah! We, the children of Adam, wear beautiful Apparel at every time we pray & eat & drink pure. We shall not waste by excess, for Allah loveth not the wasters.

Recite this with pure heart and find your attraction towards alcohol decreasing.

Which Dua Use For Someone To Leave Drinking Alcohol?

Dua For Someone To Leave Drinking Alcohol, According to Islam, Consuming alcohol is a crime. It creates impurities in our religion and our ethics. When we fall into trouble, we think of Allah. We take refuge in him. And for that, we need to stay pure from inside.

However, Islam considers it as haram. It ruins our moral character. An alcoholic person’s biggest dispute is his tendency to get to an extreme level in almost everything. His anger, his aggression, his vengeance all lead to an extreme level.

He does not have control over his decisions and works. He does not know what he is doing or not. Even he does not determine which is good for him and which is bad.

Well, Islam strictly says to stay away from a person who is extremely alcoholic. Sitting and eating together with a drunkard, is also prohibited in Islam.

Prophet says if a person is addicted to drinking, he is doing a grave sin without knowing it. So, it is advisable to quit drinking as early as possible.

Well, to quit drinking, one can use the Islamic dua. This dua is very powerful and works very well in these cases. Just recite the following dua and see the result yourself.

YA Allahu Ya Barru Ya Allahu ya matinoo Ya Allahu Quddoosu YA Allahu YA Muqallibal Qulubi wal Absaar YA Allahu Ya qudoosu Ya Nooru.

After this recite, Durrod e Sharif for seven times. Then blow this to a vessel of water or some sweet dish and eat this. The addiction will start to decrease, and life will be better like before.

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