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How To Find Out Who Did Sihr On You

How To Find Out Who Did Sihr On You and how do you know if you are afflicted by sihr will answered by our molana. If you have another question like how to break sihr of separation? and how to remove sihr of impeding marriage? then ask to us.

Know Who Did Sihr On You?

Let us assume that you are the right person. You never hated anyone, never cheated anyone. You live an honest and simple life by following God’s path and are living happily. But that doesn’t mean that your life is problem-free. You can still be envied by someone. Yes, you can also have an enemy.

How To Find Out Who Did Sihr On You

How To Find Out Who Did Sihr On You

Human mindset is the strangest thing of all. Every human being thinks differently. Human psychology is a subject without any proper definition as each lock has its separate key. Can you imagine that your very close relative or friend can be envied by you? Although you never thought of harming him, he can make a plan to destroy you.

Black magic, here, plays a crucial role. Anybody can put a sihr on you to control you and make you like a puppet of their hand. However, it is easier to find ‘who’ than to find ‘why.’ You need to do some simple steps to find out who has done the black magic on you.

After completing your Isha prayer, you have to offer two nafil or optional prayers. With powerful intention in mind to know the culprit, you should read Durood-e- Ibrahimi for 11 times. Then recite

“Yakhabeer o Akhbirni Anil Ahwall Yaaleem o Allim’ni anil Ahwall.”

After that again, read Durood-e- Ibrahimi for 11 times to close this. Repeat for 41 times to know the persons face. Many horrible faces will come and will try to divert you, but don’t panic. Once you know the face, remind that and start avoiding him.

How To Break Sihr of Separation?

How To Break Sihr of Separation? Can you can sense that the relation between you and your closed ones is degrading? The relation between you and your father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, or friend is becoming cold, and you can’t get a hold on things like you used to before. Well, Sihr of separation can be the reason behind that.

There is no scarcity of envious people surrounding us. Family is the soft corner for everyone. Nobody wants to feel the pain of getting separated from their family. Evil people, that’s why, try to hit you at your softest place, where it hurts most.

Our bond with our family and friends works like a protecting field around us. Once we get separated, we started to feel alone. And who doesn’t know that a lonely person is the most natural target to destroy?

If you have found yourself in this situation and got nervous, here is a chance for you to get things back in control. Follow the following rules to get rid of the Sihr of separation.

“Bismillaah hi rRaahmaan nirRaaheem”

With The Naame of Allah, The Beneficent aand The Merciful

“SaallaaLLaaHU ‘aalaa Mu’haammaad SaallaaLLaaHU aalaayhe Waasaallaam”

“Laa ilaahaa illaa aantaa, Subhaanaakaa, Inni kuntu minaaz-zaalimin”

Recite this for 21 times and get relief from any black magic. This is a powerful dua which creates a positive aura around you and drives away any sihr, trying to affect you. It would help if you were honest and pure-minded while performing this dua.

How To Remove Sihr of Impeding Marriage?

How To Remove Sihr of Impeding Marriage? Getting the right person as your life partner is pure luck. Nowadays, it is tough to find a person who cares for you, loves you, and ready to live by your side to the very end. And if you already got one, you can consider yourself one of the luckiest people on this planet.

But sometimes it can happen that despite being kind and soft natured, you can’t find a suitable person for your life. You can’t find a suitable match. Things are just not happening even after getting so closed. Then someone might have cast some evil spell to impede your marriage.

Usually, people do this kind of thing out of envy or revenge. If anyone wants to take a revenge on you, they can take help of a sihr. Maybe our ex-lover, the boy you rejected before, maybe the hooligan who usually taunts you, it can be anyone with an evil motive.

This kind of black magic hell can turn your world upside down. These spells usually consist of so much negative energy that it can make your life a living hell. You should try to relieve yourself from this Sihr, or your life will be miserable.

If you are going through the same phase, you need to contact an expert and get rid of this as soon as possible.

How Do You Know If You Are Afflicted By Sihr?

How Do You Know If You Are Afflicted By Sihr? There are different types of Sihr, but every Sihr has a common point. They born out of someone’s grudge, and they are meant to harm someone or to make someone’s life hell.

People who get jealous quickly, people who are seeking a loose end to take revenge on you, people who can’t stand you. Therecan be anyone who can put a sihr on you. It’s a dark way to bring you down and famous among evil-minded peoples.

Like every bad thing, sihrs also have some symptoms by which you can get to know that you are afflicted with some evil eye.

  • Headache that moves from one part of your head to another.
  • Constant yawning and burping, especially at the time of adhan
  • Sudden change of behavior, like hating something that you used to love before
  • Change of the mental image of your spouse in an ugly way.
  • Hatred towards any person or to whatever they do or wherever they stay.
  • Severe absentmindedness and forgetfulness
  • Absolute introversion and confused talking
  • Experiencing nightmares
  • Hearing unnatural voices like someone is calling you
  • Hallucinating
  • Disability of the sense organs (sometimes leading to paralysis)

Different types of sihrs have different types of symptoms. If you are having any symptoms, as stated above, please hurry up and do consult with an expert. Remember, only appropriate measures can help you to drive away the Sihr.

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