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Dua Against Every Calamity

Dua Against Every Calamity or for natural disaster can be use when something bad happens. Know your questions like what dua to read when calamity strikes? from our muslim expert.

Which Dua Use Against Every Calamity?

We are indeed living in difficult times. And, it seems that the world has come to a halt. Maybe that is how he compels us all to think. Thus, Allah makes us all ponder. And, when a calamity occurs, it strikes each of us equally.

Therefore, all the followers of Allah should pray and night. Pray for each other. And, at the same time, show some compassion too. As not all have the same blessings.  Also, it is where humanity call comes.

As only Allah is the knower of all. Only he knows what lies shortly. There are things that we are not even aware of. And, when they come our way, we get terrified.

Dua Against Every Calamity

Dua Against Every Calamity

Therefore, May Allah bless us all. Moreover, the world has turned so modern. That there is a mechanism to deal with these tragedies. But, humans are not Allah. Furthermore, in the case when such a disaster comes, there is not even time to panic.

Also, in the nick of a second, everything is ruined. Thus, such calamities come unexpectedly. And strike hard and destroy everything coming it’s way. And, in such a time, every preparedness and technology stand of no use.

Therefore that supernatural power is the only thing that can help. And Allah is the kindest. He cares for his being more than seventy mothers. So a real call to him can save many lives. With all the time in our hands, I urge you all to pray.

The Procedure of The Dua Against Every Calamity

Prayer doesn’t take much time. Thus, even when you go on making the name of Allah. He answers your call.

  • Please offer the Jams daily.
  • Also, if you know how to, then it is essential that you offer Namaz-e-Tauba.
  • Now, read or listen to Surah-e-Taghabun once in a day.
  • Inshallah, this will give you protection against all the calamities.

Which Dua Use For Natural Disaster?

Dua For Natural Disaster, As goes a famous saying. That without his permission, not a leaf turns. Therefore, he does what he can, and nothing happens without a motive. Always remember one thing that after the dark, there is the light.

Thus, every disaster has a purpose. If he gives us the worry, then only he can pull us out of it. As a result, do what you can. There are many places in the world where natural disasters occur a lot. The people living there are just used to it.

And at the same time has adopted a lifestyle to deal with it. But, he has unexpected ways to work. If you have his protection, then you are safe. Even if a mountain falls over you. Therefore no matter what the situation is. Put him first. And, learn to confide in him during all the cases.

Moreover, if you are stuck in a natural disaster. Or in a situation where you know, it can come. Then ask Allah the Almighty to protect you. Seek his refuge, and he will protect you in all conditions.

Therefore, make him your Hafeez, meaning the protector. Thus, I suggest you read YaHafeezo’ without a break. Believe me, and he will protect you no matter what.

The Procedure of The Dua For Natural Disaster

Like I said when you are under danger. Then even if you take his name, he extends you his protection. But knowing about individual dues are always better. When in a difficult situation. Read the following dua:

“YahayyuYaqayyumu, bi rahmatikaastageeth.”

Which Dua Use When Something Bad Happens?

Dua when something bad happens, Who knows what might turn out tomorrow. Thus, it is always yo be prepared beforehand. No matter what the situation is. Even if you think your life is about to end.

Then always remember one thing. It is he who can turn all our destinies upside down. Thus, take his name. And, make the right call to him. Asa results in his protection will be absolute for you. He is the guardian. The creator and the destroyed.

Moreover when you take his name. He never neglected your call.  When something terrible happens to you. All you need is to make the right call to him. And, Inshallah, there he will be at your guard.

And, without a say, it happens to us all the time. Also, automatically the name of Allah comes to our mind as this shows your Aqeeda or faith in him. Furthermore, when the bad is expected. It is suggested to take enough protection measures.

We have had difficult times in the Covid-19 situation already. And, we all are surviving because we all had a plan. Indeed, Allah, too, has a plan for us. Inshallah, he will protect you no matter what may come.

The Procedure of The Dua When Something Bad Happens

Read the following dua:

“QadarullahiWamaShaaA Fa-Al”

Inshallah, you will survive the difficult times.

FAQ About Dua Against Every Calamity

What Dua To Read When Calamity Strikes?

In the case of calamity or the unwanted situation, there are many duas which you can understand. As when you fail, he doesn’t. His name is pious and the most powerful. It can guard us against unwanted danger. No matter what. No matter how scared you are. But, when you see that there is no way out. Just close your eyes and with all your faith. Call him, and Inshallah, he will not let any harm come to you. Furthermore, we, as Muslims, are aware of something. And if not much, we all know the Durood Shareef. So, when you think there is going to be a problem. And, calamity might strike. Start reading the Durood Shareef as much as you can. Inshallah, no matter what may come, nothing will happen to you. There is indeed power in his name. He is there for all of us. He loves us all and will protect us all. Also, in these difficult times, let there be some kindness. Help the helpless, and Allah will help you all. Inshallah, you will never stand stranded no matter what. Keep on taking his name. May you be protected. Ameen.

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