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Duas To Get Married To A Specific Person

Duas To Get Married To A Specific Person or to marry someone of your choice can be use to get married to someone you like. Use our dua to get married soon to someone you love.

How To Use Duas To Get Married To A Specific Person?

Human beings pass through different phases of life, with each phase having its significance. With rolling years when you attain youth, you look for your other half to settle down in life. You think of marrying a loving person with whom you can pass the rest of your life happily.

However, many young people are very casual in choosing their life-partner and end up in a dissatisfying marriage. Marriage proves to the turning point in everybody’s life, and you should be very careful while choosing your life-partner. With the choice you make in marriage, either you can be a gainer or a loser for a lifetime.

Duas To Get Married To A Specific Person

Duas To Get Married To A Specific Person

You have met a person whom you think is right for you. He/she seems to have walked out of your dreams. Since the time you have met him/her, he/she is always in your mind. You think he/she is the right match for you. You like his/her pleasant appearance, attitude, and behavior. While thinking of marriage, you cannot think of anyone else but him.

If your background matches and you feel he/she is the person whom you should marry, do not ignore your feelings and take the next step ahead.

You can send him/her a marriage proposal, but also take the blessings of Allah. When you raise your hands to glorify Allah and seek His blessings through duas, He becomes happy and grants your every wish. After Isha Salah, before going to bed, read the following dua for 100 times.

“Innama Ashku Bassee Wahujnee Ila Allahi WaAalamu Min Allahi Mala Talamuna”

Read any Darood Shareef for 11 times, both before and after reciting the dua. Take an image of the person and blow on it. Continue for 21 days before sending the proposal. In Sha Allah, your wish of marrying this person will be accepted.

Dua To Marry Someone of Your Choice

Dua To Marry Someone of Your Choice, Marrying a person of your choice is very important for you. Sometimes family members interfere and enforce their decisions in marriage, which does not work well for the marrying couple. Instead of making others happy, you need to choose a life partner with whom you can pass your life peacefully.

It would help if you chose someone who will understand you completely. He/ she should be someone who can appreciate you and support you in every step. Your marriage partner should be one who takes care of you and makes you feel important. To have peace and harmony in your married life, your preferences must match with each other.

Your life-partner should share some of the characteristics which you have. The other person should be interested in the activities that you do. You both can have a pleasurable time together when both of you enjoy similar interests.

People with similar mental disposition are closest to each other. To have the most loving person in your life, give some time to meet the eligible partner. Interact and find out whether your views match with each other or not.

Also, seek Allah’s blessings in finding the person of your choice. Request Allah through dua to send the right person in your life.

After Isha Salah, read 2 rakat of Nafal Salah and say ‘Darood Shareef’ for 3 times. Then recite the dua for getting married for 111 times.

“Rabbi Inni Lima AnzaltaIlayya Min KhayrinFaqir”

In the end, again, read the same Darood for three times. Express your desire to Allah in marrying the person of your choice. In Sha Allah, the Almighty will help you find the right life partner very soon.

Dua To Get Married To Someone You Like

Dua To Get Married To Someone You Like, You know this person for a long time and like him/her very much. Everything he/she does is a matter of fancy for you. He/she has created such a deep impact in your mind, which no one else can replace. You will be the happiest person on Earth if you marry this special person whom you like so much.

However, you never get the scope to express your feelings to him/her. This is becoming a cause of your worry, and you are losing your sleep recently. You can pray to Allah to seek His mercy in marrying the person you like. Start practicing dua so that Allah paves the way for you.

Observe your obligatory prayers regularly five times a day. Praise and glorify Allah, and express your wish of marrying the person you like. After every Salah, read any ‘Darood Shareef’ for 11 times. Take an image of the person and recite the following dua for 100 times.

“Wa AlqaituA alaika Mahabbatan Minnee Walitusna Aa Ala Aainee”

End your wazifa by saying the same Darood for 11 times. Blow on the photo and make a plea to Allah that you get married to the person. In Sha Allah, if the person is made for you, your proposal will be accepted.

Dua To Get Married Soon To Someone You Love

Dua To Get Married Soon To Someone You Love, You love this person for a long time. Your relation has survived many stress and storms. No matter what happens, both of you will stick to each other.

But you are still unable to get the consent from your families. You are afraid his/her family might choose someone else for marriage. However, your love is true, and no force or opposition can separate your love from you.

Getting a loving person for marriage often becomes difficult for many. Allah blesses only a few in having the right partner who supports them for a lifetime.

To remove the hurdles arising in your marriage, you can practice the following dua.  At night, pray Tahajjud Salah and read ‘Darood Shareef’ for 11 times. Recite the dua given below for 93 times-

“Asa-Allahu Ai yaja la Bainakum Wa Baina Allajeena Adaitum Minhum Ma Waddat Wallahu Qader Wa Ullahu Gafuroor Rahim”

Say the same ‘Darood Shareef’ for 11 times at the end. Everything in life happens as per Allah’s will. When you praise and glorify Allah, Allah becomes pleased and grants you the life-partner who is loveliest of all.

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